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Who is Megan Crockford?



Lover of Words and Grammar

Running Enthusiast

I’m Megan Crockford, but everyone calls me Meg – it sounds much less formal.

I’m an Australian freelance copywriter and communications specialist who established Crockford Communications in 2017.

I have a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Queensland and over 23 years of experience in communications, media, digital media, public relations, copywriting, editing, and publishing. Having worked across a variety of industries, including major sport, automotive, finance, insurance, engineering, fashion, government, small business, and not-for-profit, my writing is adaptable to any subject matter.

 That all comes in handy when I’m creating mind-blowing content for you!

I originally hail from Far North Queensland, the land of the mosquito, killer jellyfish, and crocodile. I slowly migrated south (definitely not for the winters) to study, enjoyed a stint in London, and was a resident of arguably the most liveable city in Australia, Melbourne. I have now returned to the golden shores of the Gold Coast, in Queensland.

I’ve often been heard quoting my famous cliche “100% or not at all”.  Don’t worry, these tacky types of lines will never appear in the content I write for you, but it is my mantra and something I live by. When it comes to my work and clients, my attitude is the same, and I guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results.