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How much does a copywriter cost?


You’ve clicked on the pricing page and were hoping you’d find a simple table of copywriting fees.

I know what you’re thinking, “Darn it! Why don’t they just list their prices or hourly rate?”

Well, there are some excellent reasons for that. Crockford Communications understands that every project is different. We don’t try to sell you an expensive ‘bundle package’ that doesn’t fit your exact project requirements. Why buy the whole toolkit if you only need a spanner?

Instead of charging by the hour or by the word rates, we tailor our services and give you a personalised, fixed price quote, so you know exactly what your project will cost from the outset. This won’t change once work has commenced (unless the agreed scope of work does).

Free fixed price quoting

No sneaky extra costs, and no constraints on content because of a word limit. Quotes are priced in Australian dollars (AUD) and exclude GST.

A 50% deposit is required upfront before your project is commenced. This is non-negotiable. If the project is less than $500, 100% payment is required upfront.


It’s simple to get started

Contact Crockford Communications and we’ll send you a link to a project brief document. Our brief asks questions that will help us understand your project requirements and timelines. Once this is completed, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote. Learn more about The Process and how we can get started on your project today.

If you aren’t sure of your exact needs or want to discuss your ideas, give Crockford Communications a call or send us an email. We’d love to help you bring your content to life.

Fixed Price Quoting

Personalised, fixed price quote so you know exactly what your project will cost from the outset.

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