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AI Technology Policy

Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Policy

(Version 1.1 – June 2024)

Crockford Communications is committed to conducting business with integrity, transparency, and a dedication to ethical practices. This Ethical Use of AI Technology Policy serves as a guide to ensure responsible and conscientious use of AI Technology in the work we produce for our clients. References in this document to “us,” “our,” and “we” refer to Crockford Communications.

Definition of AI Technology

For the purpose of this policy, AI Technology refers to any generative technologies, tools, or systems designed to autonomously generate creative content or novel ideas.

Use of AI Technology

Crockford Communications emphasises a human-centric approach to creative work. Our copywriting and content creation services rely on the talent, expertise, and creative input of humans but incorporate the assistance of AI Technology.

Crockford Communications may use AI Technology for brainstorming, research, organisation and summarisation of information, and review. Crockford Communication will work with clients to ensure our approach to AI Technology aligns with the client’s own data privacy and ethics policies.

If full use of AI Technology is requested by the client, Crockford Communications will discuss the potential ethical and legal considerations and limitations associated with producing copy and content using AI Technology. This includes discussions about authenticity, originality, and the value of human creativity.

Crockford Communications will only utilise AI Technology to create responsible and ethical copy and content. Unethical copy and content include, but is not limited to:

  • Plagiarism and copyright infringement: Replicating existing creative works without proper attribution or authorisation.
  • Deepfake content: Creating copy or content that misleads the audience, spreads false information, damages reputations, or compromises trust.
  • Automated content production without human oversight: Creating copy or content that lacks creativity and authenticity, and/or generating biased or inappropriate content without human intervention.
  • Manipulation of Information in News and Media: Creating copy or content that contributes to misinformation, damaging the credibility of news sources, and eroding public trust.
  • Fake Reviews and Testimonials: Creating copy or content that undermines trust in online reviews, misleads consumers, and engages in deceptive marketing practices.

AI Technology Platforms and Tools

The same principles and ethics outlined in this document also apply to the decision-making process behind which AI Technology tools and platforms Crockford Communications may use to create copy or content. Crockford Communications will always strive to use AI Technology tools and platforms that themselves have robust privacy and ethical policies in place.

Final Deliverable Disclosure

Although clients have the discretion regarding disclosure about how AI Technology has been used to create the final copy or content, Crockford Communications recommends transparency, and we will discuss with the client how this is best publicly communicated.

Integrity and Professionalism

Crockford Communications upholds the highest standards of honesty, truthfulness, and professionalism in all communications and services we provide our clients. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our work and delivering high-quality services to our clients.


Crockford Communications strives for transparency in its communications with our clients. Our business processes and practices regarding AI Technology are openly available to our clients to ensure a clear understanding of our processes and operations.

Quality, Accuracy, and Liability

Crockford Communications is committed to delivering high-quality, accurate work that is free from plagiarism. In instances where the client requests the utilisation of AI Technology, Crockford Communications cannot be held liable for any errors that may arise from its use, as per our agreement terms and conditions.

Data Handling and Compliance

Crockford Communications will clearly inform clients about the purposes for which their data and information will be used in relation to AI Technology.

Any data or information provided to Crockford Communications is handled in accordance with Australian data protection laws and regulations. Our Privacy Policy provides further information.

Protection of Personally Identifiable and Sensitive Information

Crockford Communications is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. Personally identifiable and sensitive information provided to Crockford Communications will not be used as input data for AI Technology.

Personally identifiable information may include but is not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and any other information that could be used to identify an individual. Sensitive information encompasses data related to health, financial status, legal matters, and any other information that, if disclosed, could result in harm or adverse consequences to individuals.


Crockford Communications understands that AI Technologies are constantly changing, and we actively welcome your comments, feedback, and suggestions about our AI Technology business practices and policy.

Continuous Policy Review

Crockford Communications’ Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure its effectiveness in safeguarding privacy and updated in response to changes in technology, regulations, or business practices.

By adhering to this policy, Crockford Communications aims to ensure the responsible and ethical use of AI Technologies while prioritising the privacy and security of client information.


AI Technology was used in the development of this policy.