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Media training and writing workshops


If the thought of writing (even the shopping list) makes your head spin, or interacting with the media makes you break out in a cold sweat, you’re not alone.

Why not learn new skills that can be used every day in business and life? We design and deliver in-house media training and writing workshops that are customised specifically for you and your team’s needs.


Media training

Be confident and stay in control by learning how to approach, interact with and respond to the media.

There are no insider secrets when it comes to getting great coverage and building relationships with journalists and news outlets.

You just need the right training and know-how.

Crockford Communications’ media training workshops can teach you:

  • How to write an attention-grabbing media release.
  • How to build a relationship with the media.
  • What key messages are and how to create them.
  • How to create a crisis management plan.

Our courses are designed to teach you the skills you want to learn. We can tailor training packages to include anything from basic media release writing techniques through to intense interview training.

Writing workshops

If articulating the right words is a struggle, organising information is a mind-boggling chore or tone of voice is what your mother used when you were in trouble, let Crockford Communications’ help improve your skills with one of our writing workshops.

Our workshops are designed to include only the training you require, from basic email and letter writing to structured presentations and captivating speech writing.

We’ll give you the tools and understanding to tackle any writing task.

If you’re looking for a media training or writing workshop in Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia, Crockford Communications can help.

We offer workshops and training to individuals, businesses or organisations of any size. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to book your training session or workshop.

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