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This was the final instalment of the marathon training journey I took in 2011.  With only a few weeks of training to go, I fell out of love with running.  It was a sad and lonely situation, but I promise this story has a happy ending.


It’s been a good couple of weeks since my last blog and it’s all because over the Easter break I lost the love. I just decided I’d had enough and it really wasn’t working for me. That’s right…. I broke up with Running, relationship over.

I love to run, it’s my thing. It’s my escape from the real world into a world of distraction and relaxation. But there I was over the Easter break sad and unmotivated, hoping Running and I would realise what we had lost by not having each other in our lives. But the love was gone and it was nowhere to be found!

So, in a period of seven full days, I did not do a single bit of movement that could be considered even remotely close to a slow jog. I will call this seven-day period the ‘Lost Love Time’.

So what happened?

Lost love time

Well for starters, those little blisters that permanently made a home on my little toes were not so little anymore. I tried those special second skin blister patches, but they continued to get worse. During my ‘Lost Love Time’ I managed to find these things call toe separators; fabulous little invention.

Basically, they are small pieces of foam you put between your toes to stop them rubbing and blistering. Who knew there was a market for this? Clearly someone else who got blisters while training for a marathon.  They have probably now made millions of dollars just from cutting up pieces of foam for toes.

After 15 full weeks of training, the thought of running for two hours was unbearable. I didn’t want to have to find ways to entertain and motivate myself all the way to Runaway Bay and back. I didn’t want to listen to Boom Boom Pow by Blacked Eyed Peas or The Anastacia Club megamix on my iPod for the one-millionth time. I didn’t want my muscles to be in pain or to have trouble walking upstairs for the next two days. I didn’t want to see those happy little suns on the pathway or battle against a 20-knot southerly wind for half my run.

So I just didn’t.


I want to be with you

I don’t normally believe in romantic movies or that ‘those’ types of love stories happen in real life, maybe I’ve just had my heart broken too many times. No one realises how stupid they were to break-up and dramatically dashes to the departing train to proclaim their love in front of hundreds of people. But on the Wednesday following Easter, there it was, bounding towards me with its arms wide open screaming don’t leave me, you’re the one I want to be with. Yes, it was Running!  It was back and so was my burning desire to have it in my life.

I think in the end my ‘Lost Love Time’ was really my body telling me to slow down, take some time out and do a bit of recovery. I’m so happy that running and I have made up and we realised what we were missing. I’m in love again and this time it’s serious!

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